Kaffit.com coffee machines warranty: conditions

We kindly ask you to carefully study the user’s manual for your coffee machine, as well as the warranty terms and conditions and make sure that the warranty certificate has been filled out properly.    

The warranty certificate is only valid if correctly filled out and contains all the information on the model, serial number, date of sale, signatures of seller and buyer and the stamp of the seller. The model and serial number of your coffee machine should coincide with the model and serial number in the warranty certificate.

If these conditions are not observed or data in the warranty certificate is changed, erased or rewritten, the warranty certificate is considered non valid.

In this case, we recommend you to contact your seller who will provide you with another warranty certificate that will correspond to the above requirements. In case the date of sale cannot be determined with certainty, the period of warranty is considered to be the manufacturing date, in accordance with the consumer protection legislation of the Russian Federation.

Warranty obligations of the manufacturer and free service support are only extended to the models that are officially imported on the territory of the Russian Federation by an authorized importer and are to be sold on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Coffee machines Kaffit.com imported and sold on the territory of the Russian Federation avoiding official import are not subject to warranty and service support in authorized service centers.

In case of warranty coverage, in order to obtain free service maintenance, a customer should present the documents confirming the purchase: a properly filled out warranty certificate and sales and cash register receipts.

The present warranty does not apply to:

  1. cases of violation of operating rules and conditions, product installation, transportation and storage regulations stated in the operating manual. 
  2. cases, when malfunctioning is caused by direct or indirect mechanic, chemical, thermal or physical impact, radiation, aggressive or neutral liquids, gases or other toxic or biological substance or any other factors of artificial or natural origin, except the cases when such impact is clearly stated acceptable in the operating manual. 
  3. cases, when break down is caused by mismatch with state standards of supply mains and cable system parameters.
  4. cases, if repairs, maintenance service or modernization were executed by persons, which are not authorized by the manufacturer.
  5. cases, when malfunctioning was caused by force majeure circumstances (fire, natural disaster, lightning, etc.)
  6. cases, when damage is caused by foreign objects, substances, liquids, insects or animals entering the product or when products other than roasted coffee are used (including green coffee beans); in case of liquid getting into the grinding unit; if any capsules other than INTO Caffe trade mark coffee capsules are used (for capsule coffee machines).
  7. if product intended for personal (home, family) use was used for business purpose or for any other purpose not corresponding to its direct application.
  8. cases, when damage is caused by usage of non-standard (non original) and/or low quality or defective materials, accessories, spare parts.
  9. cases, when malfunctioning is caused by the use of the product with equipment that was not included in the originally supplied delivery, unless specified differently in the operating manual.
  10. if breakage is caused by the use of malfunctioning product or malfunctioning equipment.
  11. any accessories that are not electric devices and that are bought separately from the product. 
  12. unit package and consumable materials.   
  13. damage caused by water quality.    
  14. if serial number on the product or in the warranty certificate is changed, erased or rewritten.    
  15. in case of unauthorized amendments in warranty certificate.    

Warranty period

The manufacturer provides the following warranty period for Kaffit.com products:

Additional Warranty Period

If you register the serial number of your automatic coffee machine on our web site during the period of 3 months from the moment of purchase, the warranty period for your coffee machine will be prolonged up to 30 months, but not more than 12 500 brewing cycles.

Warranty Providing Procedure

In case of warranty coverage, the customer should contact an authorized service center. You can get additional information on service centers and their addresses and telephone numbers by visiting our website www.kaffit.ru or calling our hotline in Russia +7(499) 110-32-04.

All the parts taken out of the defective coffee machine become the property of the manufacturer for disposal. The warranty period is extended for the time the coffee machine is kept in the service center. 

Repairs of defective products that are not covered by warranty and not subject to free maintenance are to be fulfilled by authorized service centers. Their pricing and duration have to coincide with the terms specified at the moment of placement of the repair order.

The manufacturer is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage to people or property, in case they occurred as a result of violation of operating rules and conditions, product installation, gross negligence or willful misconduct by the consumer or a third party.

The manufacturer is not responsible for any special, incidental, direct or indirect damage, missed profits and/or losses caused by interruptions in commercial, production or any other activities, which arise from usage or impossibility of usage of the coffee machine.

The warranty is provided in accordance with manufacturer terms.

The list of authorized service centers can be amended without advance notification.

No other warranty obligations, written or verbal, different from stated in the present warranty text above shall be provided.