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Nothing less just the best

Для бизнеса

Мы заботимся о том чтобы Ваш бизнес процветал

  • Телеграмм-канал для эксплуатации
  • Телеграмм-канал для сервиса
  • NFC-технология для инвестора
  • NFC-технология для офиса

Для дома

Мы стараемся сделать так, чтобы приготовление кофе в дом. условиях было на высоте

  • Контроль чисток
  • Подключение к воде/бутыли
  • Контроль статистики
  • Возможность принудительной

Nicola Zanetti


« When these nice Finnish guys came to me with their idea I was infected with their enthusiasm and agreed to offer them my hand »

I liked the idea of developing a completely new brand in the world of coffee. Our cooperative process was really exciting for me, not only because we worked on a new brand, but also because we created the whole brand identity, which is everything that makes its unique. I extremly enjoyed this task from the beginning.

Thanks to the boys from Kaffit we had no problems in terms of understanding each other. We focussed on the most important of Kaffit’s values to create products, which would most closely comply with the brand’s philosophy.